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I am a skilled software developer, with excellent analytical skills, solid education background, and 5-years experience with messaging and directory services programming. I have an extensive experience in system programming on Windows/UNIX, especially in networking. I am an active participant of standardization process

(regularly attend IETF [Internet Engineering Task Force] meetings and participate in mailing list discussions.

I am hardworking, responsible, easygoing. I work well both in a team and by myself. I like to participate in design and see a project completed. I like to share my experience with other developers. I don’t mind frequent travelling. I am looking for senior developer/software architect/team lead position with possibility of professional and career growth.

Professional Interests:

Professional skills:


Mar 2002 – present time Senior Software Engineer

ACI WorldWide/MessagingDirect, Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom

Developing BEEP library, as well as support libraries for MessagingDirect products.

Also working on the next release of the M-Store mail server.

Feb 1999 – Feb 2002 Senior Software Engineer

ACI WorldWide/MessagingDirect, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"M-Store" mail server, leading developer for Windows version.

Participated in two development cycles.

M-Store is a multi-platform development project that runs on the following OSes: Windows NT4/2000, Linux 6.2, Solaris 7, Irix 6.5, AIX 4.3, HPUX 10, Digital Unix 5.0, FreeBSD 4.2

Development of the robust, scalable multithreaded mail server (LMTP/POP3/IMAP4/IMSP) for different version of UNIX and Windows NT/2000. Development of the Windows version of the product (porting from UNIX version, implemented emulation functions to accommodate differences in C APIs/OSes), asynchronous IO subsystem (Windows and Unix), core server libraries on both Windows and Unix, including:

"SASL" subsystem.

Authentication subsystem used in all MessagingDirect products.

1997-June 1999 Senior Software Engineer

Epsylon Technologies, Moscow, Russia

Baikonur Mail Server [SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 Server] for Windows NT 4.

Development of the multithreaded mail application server (SMTP/POP3/IMAP4). Server allows for executing of different mail processing applications (mail filters, mailing lists, spam prevention, automated robots, etc). Development of the administration (GUI and web) and performance tracking utilities. The most significant achievements are

ACAP Explorer

Development of the client application that allows to view and modify the content of an ACAP server.

1996-2000 Senior Software Engineer

Self Employed

IMAP Developers Kit library (IDK).

Design and development of the Object Oriented IMAP library suitable for the creation of advanced IMAP application: mail client, new mail notification, "mail migration". Full support of IMAP4rev protocol and various extensions (NAMESPACE, LITERAL+, IDLE, LOGIN-REFERRAL, UIDPLUS) as well as different authentication mechanisms (SASL). Also supports "mail cache" and cache synchronization for disconnected clients. Performed interoperability tests with major IMAP servers on the market (list available on request).

Shiva mail client.

Shiva is an advanced test client based on IDK that supports authentication, mail fetching criteria selection, etc.

1995- January 1997 Software Developer

The Laboratory of Distributed Information Processing, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

1994-1996 Analyst/Software Engineer

The Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia

Design and development of 3D-visualization program of complex objects, constructed from either pyramids or triangles with capability of showing scalar or vector fields. Implemented subsystem for storing and manipulating with virtually unlimited number of nodes and elements on Windows 3.1 to bypass 64K segment restriction.


Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

Master of Science, graduated with Honor.